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The 'Life after Addiction' E-book has been long awaited as the sequel  to my video on YouTube 'Why I Gave up Weed' with over 18k views.

Battling with addiction and NEED that final push in the right direction to help you overcome? if so then the Life after Addiction E-book is for you!



Find out the methods and practices that I used at the beginning of my journey and discover what happened when I finally decided to take a leap of faith into becoming the best version of myself.  

Learn the secrets to my success in staying 'weed free' for almost a decade and uncover the truth about why quitting your addiction will be the beginning of your Life GLOW UP.

''If you're NOT truly ready to become all you can be then this book is NOT for you''

However, If you are fed up with the status quo, living as an extra in your own life and you're fully committed to becoming the best version of you 'Then what are you waiting for?'


Be the Powerful Creator you intended to be when you signed up for this Earth Quest.